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Do you find yourself overburdened with the task of keeping the day-to-day transactions of your business? It’s obvious, because every bookkeeping; whether large or small, is time consuming and confusing. The basis of bookkeeping is “Double Entry” system in which every transaction involves two accounts. If you are doing any business, you need to know, how much profit you earned during a period, what your assets and liabilities are over a particular period of time and what your cash flow looks like. Our bookkeeping services cater to all these needs.

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If you want fast, accurate, dependable and trustworthy services, you can entrust the work to Launch CPA. There is much financial software, with the aid of which, you can get the work done, in-house. But does that serve the basic objective of bookkeeping- to know the true and accurate picture of your business? The Small Business Administration has pointed out that over 50% of new businesses fail due to either bad accountancy or no accountancy.

If you are in small business, you may prefer to hire the services of a part time Accountant to keep your books of accounts. You save money in the beginning. But that is not the end of your final purpose of keeping the books of accounts to comply with statutory requirements of the IRS. You have to pay additional money to a CPA for finding errors and for revising your books for tax purposes. A CPA may charge $ 80 to $280 per hour. You will find the fees of Launch CPA comparatively lower and more convenient.

When you hire Launch CPA, you get the services of a Certified Public Bookkeeper, who has the knowledge and experience of setting your accounts to get the tax write-offs. You can thus make a substantial saving. A CPA does not have time to detect the errors of omission and commission that may affect your taxable income. But if you avail Launch CPA, you get correct tracking of tax advantage that will help your business to grow. Any initial saving by hiring a part time employee, or inexperienced in-house employee will cause drainage of your funds in the shape of undesirable tax.

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Bryant has been a godsend, literally. He is currently helping us with all our accounting needs and we hope to have a long lasting relationship with him. We are a startup company and made many, MANY beginner errors! So far Bryant has been patient, supportive and knowledgeable with all our needs. He is wonderfully communicative and resourceful, and I am impressed with his ability to jump in and tackle the mountain of accounting work and myriad problems we presented to him. My only regret is not hiring him months ago. I believe with Bryant's guidance we can get back on track and achieve greater success. If you are looking for help, it's definitely worth your time to talk to him!

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If you hire Launch CPA, you can get weekly, monthly, bimonthly and quarterly bookkeeping packages, that will aid you to have a look at your day-to-day business activities and you can take remedial measures when you find any deviation from your expectation. The Certified Bookkeepers of Launch CPA provide top-notch reports that are essential in taking profit-growing decisions.

You can get Launch CPA, either on-site on an hourly basis or from their office, at a fixed price per month. The Certified bookkeepers of Launch CPA will manage your payroll account, account payable, account receivable and inventory. The payroll services can be customized to your requirements and are statutory compliant. The payroll outsourcing of Launch CPA involves preparation of pay slips, termination of payment calculations, accrual of holidays and personal leave, leave entitlement, tax deduction at source, creation of banking file for uploading payment directly, time sheet accounting, allowances, superannuation and other deductions. You can introduce the process of inventory control by fixing the stock levels and reorder level. You can also get charts and graphs of various important aspects of your business such as production, sales, profit and segmented performances.

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