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7875 Highlands Village SUITE B102 - 350 SD-CA 92129
info@launchcpa.com Drop us a line anytime!
​619-663-7275 Monday-Friday, 8am - 8pm
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Tax Preparation


Bryant has exceeded my expectations each of the three years he has done my taxes. Being self employed my taxes are not the easiest. He always answers my questions quickly and knowledgeably. He has helped make an otherwise taxing process practically effortless. 

madison huemmer
Madison Huemmer

I have been doing business with Mr. Park since 2010. Besides doing my annual tax preparations, Bryant has always been available throughout the year for a call to help guide me in some of my business decisions and best practices. It’s a great relationship that’s grown for me professionally and personally.”

Kevin Litwin

Bryant has worked with me for several years now to help file taxes timely. His combination of knowledge and effort is peerless. He is always trying to help me make the right financial decisions!

Han Lee

Tax Preparation Services

Is your current tax situation keeping you up at night? Is it occupying all your time and distracting you from other important engagements? Not anymore! We’re here at your rescue. We’re a leading financial advisor in San Diego. We provide an array of tax services in San Diego that encompasses small business taxes, personal taxes, and corporate taxes. Staffed with professional CPAs and tax professionals, we aim to get maximum refunds out of your tax deducted at source.

We strive hard to become your reliable tax professional in San Diego for years to come and not just for the current accounting period. We are committed to making the most out of your tax refund. Our expert San Diego tax preparers apply all applicable deductions and ensure that all taxes are properly filled in time.

If you are an expat, here is some fact- making information which you may like to know.

Tax Filing Dates

In order to avoid any penalties or interest, it is highly recommended to pay the assessed tax on or before 15th April. However, you get an automatic extension for filing your tax return until 15th of June following the end of the previous calendar year. Australian tax year runs from 1st July to the 30th June. The tax returns should be filed with the Australia Tax Office (ATO) latest by 31st October. However, if you have somehow crossed this date, and have not filed your returns, you may contact us. Most tax professionals in San Diego have special lodgement schedules and enable you to submit your income tax return even after the due date.

Penalties Imposed by IRS

You have to fill up other forms and file it with the IRS if you have any of the following:

  • Foreign Bank or Financial & Investment Accounts. If your aggregate amount exceeds $10,000, you have to file a Foreign Bank Account Report (FABR), declaring the details of account and the balances.
  • Foreign Investment Company
  • Have ownership of 10 % or more in a foreign corporation or foreign partnership firm.

In the case of non-filing of these forms or late submission, IRS imposes penalties that may be $10,000 or more.

Extra Filing Requirements

If you have overseas assets exceeding $200,000 per person; excluding homes; you have to submit a form 8938 declaration to IRS.

Why & Who to Consult

Because of the complications involved in tax preparation, hire a capable San Diego tax consultant like us, so as to be sure of the following factors:

  • Trust, provided by certified expat tax consultants and American CPAs
  • Ease, as you no longer need to boggle your mind with hefty calculations
  • Flat or variable fee; depending upon the complications of your case
  • Privacy & security, that ensure total confidentiality of your tax data and information

Always look for the right tax professional in San Diego, and look no further than Launch CPA.